In case you missed it, here’s a reminder of the findings of the 2013 #DiggingCaerau project. Although I’m hoping for a bit more on the medieval layers since we’re digging closer to the ringwork this year, I am also very intrigued by the re-opening of the roundhouse trench.

CAER Heritage Project

Enclosing an area the size of almost 8 football pitches, Caerau Hillfort is by far the largest hillfort in south Glamorgan, yet it has never before been researched.  In fact, we know very little about hillforts in this region at all – even basic questions like how the settlements were organised inside, how long they were occupied, or even who lived in them remain largely unknown.

This year’s excavations at Caerau are just beginning to provide some answers to those questions.  Although there’s still much work to be done analysing artefacts, examining environmental samples and sorting out dating and phasing of the site, project Co-director Olly Davis’ gives his first thoughts about what we found…

With over 1,000 visitors to the site and 150 people directly involved in the excavations the last four weeks have been some of the most incredibly rewarding, but very tiring, of my life!

Geophysics Location of…

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