Many thanks to everyone who supported me during my PhD. I am now a fully-fledged Dr, and to be honest I seem to be even busier now than I was before!

I was warned about the job situation – they weren’t wrong – and so at the moment I am still working my part-time admin job for Cardiff University’s Campus Services Sport Division. The part-time hours are enough to live on, while giving me enough time to re-write the thesis as a book, and get my articles done!

I am also writing papers for conferences – the Welsh History Conference on the 25th of Feb, and Leeds IMC in July – and co-organising the Power of the Bishop 2: Episcopal Personalities. Not only that, but we are now into Round 2 edits of the 2013 Conference Transactions since Brepols have expressed an interest in the full MS.

I am also developing e-resources for the Welsh Baccalaureate project, and have received ESSE funding for the TAP stage. I will be organizing meetings with teachers to find out what sorts of online exercises and so on would most benefit students wishing to undertake a history project for the Research Skills part of the Welsh Bacc qualification. The resources will be easily accessible and help develop humanities research skills, showing the students how to cite sources, how to access archives and catalogues (I’ve already posted some How To guides/First-Time User Tutorials here [National Archives, Kew] and here [National Archives, Aberystwyth] and here [A2A online archive database]), and other essential elements of research.

I am still on the CAER Heritage Project and am looking into local publications on the history of the area with Dr Olly Davies. I am hoping to start visually mapping the trade networks based on the archaeological finds, and then support the archaeological evidence with other types of records for the later periods. We shall see how that goes.

I have MANY things on my To Do list, and getting a full-time job is presently some way down them. The reason for this is because 2015 was always going to be my experience-gaining and publication-churning year. I hope to be in full-time employment for the 2016/17 academic year, and have my eye on research projects etc that I am applying for anyway, but I’m by no means despondent that I haven’t walked into something already. I have had 3 interviews out of 15 applications, all in academic administration or heritage/public engagement roles, and I feel more confident with each interview and feedback.

Life is incredibly busy at the moment, but that’s the way I like it anyway!