Exciting news – I’m the project lead for the Welsh Baccalaureate History Resources project.

What is the Welsh Bacc?

As it states on the WJEC/CBAC’s website, from 2015 onwards the Welsh Bacc is changing:

The revised and more rigorous Welsh Baccalaureate is based on a Skills Challenge Certificate, which will be graded, and Supporting Qualifications. The primary aim is to enable learners to develop and demonstrate an understanding of and proficiency in essential and employability skills: Communication, Numeracy, Digital Literacy, Planning and Organisation, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, and Personal Effectiveness. The emphasis is on applied and purposeful learning and to provide opportunities for assessment in a range of real life context through three Challenge Briefs and an Individual Project.

The Individual Project can be on any topic, and the students must come up with the research topic and question themselves. For those students interested in pursuing heritage or history, my team is developing resources to help students (1) formulate their own research question (2) develop their source analysis skills and (3) develop their research skills.

The project is currently in the early stages and will have its own set of webpages soon, with the aim of being completed by November 2015. It has secured ESSE funding grants, and we are currently setting up meetings as we are still in the TAP stage until the end of this month.

Hannah Buckingham is showcasing the project for feedback at the teachers’ conference on July 6th.

Watch this space for updates!