Fascinating piece on St Nicholas and Henry III by Kathleen Neal! I’m thinking about the transmission of the name ‘Nicholas’ through the Cantilupe family, and the dedication of their chapel at Eaton, Beds to this particular Saint… St Nicholas was very popular, and I keep tripping over him in my thirteenth century travels!

In Thirteenth Century England

Henry III’s devotion to St Edward the Confessor is fairly well known. If you haven’t yet read David Carpenter on the topic, if I simply say “Westminster Abbey”, that might be enough to be going on with.[1] What is rather less well known is Henry’s (albeit passing) attention to St Nicholas. Since the Feast of St Nicholas (6th December – not to be confused with the feast of his translation on 9th May) is so closely associated with Christmas these days, I thought it would make an appropriate point of discussion in Advent. This post is based on yet another one of the things in my *large* ‘to-do’ pile: I plead the last throes of thesis drafting… In the mean while, here is a rather preliminary collation of my musing on the matter which I hope to write up more formally and extensively in the reasonably near…

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