A lot of my fiction writer friends are doing #NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, which inspired Academic Writing Month. I’ve written a few fantasy and urban paranormal novels and short stories for fun and under a pseudonym, but I’ve never been brave enough to do NaNoWriMo.

Now my academic career is taking off, I figured I should do #AcWriMo before I do #NaNoWriMo… Although I haven’t given up on the fiction side of my life quite yet.

So, I’ve pledged to finish three chapters of my monograph by the end of November. I have article 3 to edit and submit for peer review, and the book review to complete. I have assignments to grade, and feedback to give. I have the usual demands of my part-time admin job and my impact projects to work on. I also have a new project – co-authored article 6 – to complete with the SHARE with Schools team by 10 December 2015 for another peer reviewed journal.

If anything needs a boost, it’s the poor little monograph.

I am miserable unless I have things to juggle and a mountain to chip away at, but I also want to have a relaxed, guilt-free December. I haven’t had a Christmas/birthday break with my mum without my trusty laptop for the past two or three years now, and this year will be different…

And did I mention I am currently preparing for a job interview? Because that’s happening this week too.
So, as of Sunday (post-Halloween so, um, we’ll see if I hit my 500 word a day target then…) I am officially doing #AcWriMo. Come join me @ MedievalMJJ and let’s get the support going!