Like a book where you make your own ending, I wrote three possible starting sentences for this blog post. They were:

I am continuing my Cardiff adventure! Didn’t get the job, but never mind.   I got shortlisted for one!

There’s no need, I got the job and I’m moving to your beautiful city!!

… I scored the position at Lincoln instead!

So which is it?!

Drumroll please……….




Yep, didn’t get it, but never mind. Obviously, it’s sad when you don’t get a job. BUT this is my very first milestone – shortlisted for an academic position.


Positives about this:


  1. Feedback. All interviews are helpful practice!
  2. I have stuff lined up here at Cardiff – I kept saying ‘yes’ to things just in case I didn’t get the job.
  3. There will be other jobs. And hopefully other interviews!
  4. I actually am getting more teaching opportunities in the near future I hope – I’m teaching on another MA module in Spring Term, and I’m looking forward to my interview with Live Local Learn Local, who partner with the Glamorgan Archives and St Fagan’s National History Museum among other heritage and community partners. They are rolling out a suite of adult learning courses (Level 3 – I currently teach an access to Higher Education course, Level 4). If they employ me, it will be part of my Cardiff University Centre for Continuing and Professional Education contract.
  5. I actually love Cardiff, so staying here a bit longer while I get my monograph written/published and working in my hugely supportive department is a plus. I hope to move on to a full-time academic position soon, or to get my postdoc applications accepted, of course I do. But counting my blessings here helps to cushion the inevitable round of rejections that everyone has to go through when they’re starting out.

Here’s to the next phase of the Cardiff Adventure!