It looks like I’m doing another Thing. I’m writing up my original Welsh Bacc history resources website case study, which has resulted in the development of a new website currently in beta mode. 
If you would like to check out the history resources on the site, which include:

1. How to formulate your own research question

2. Source analysis exercises

3. How to reference your work

4. Embedded podcasts & videos on oral history projects, conducting interviews and essay writing

5. A page of curated links for history resources online, including a page with history content, links to Museums Wales, Archives Wales, Libraries, and an embedded Twitter feed

Then check out our student and teacher resources at and leave us feedback on the content and style via the Contact Us page! Pilot phase will take place in the New Year, and my project will end in July. The website may have its uses for history students across the UK, however, and we are looking for feedback from various sources! Note that the Welsh translation versions of all the pages and content are forthcoming and should be live by the end of December.

This website was intended for the Individual Project element of the Welsh Bacc qualification, where students pick their own topic from any subject they like, and create a research project resulting in an oral presentation and either a 5K word piece of coursework or an artefact (a website, a documentary, a piece of art, e.g.) supported by a piece of coursework with a shorter word limit. 
The actual history curriculum for the Welsh Bacc A-Level now includes the Welsh Princes. Additionally to ease the passage of Primary School children to High School, medieval history is a feature of the Year 7 syllabus in Wales. 

I love games. I love the Middle Ages. By now, these two facts should be apparent to anyone reading my blog or following me on Twitter. I apologise for nothing. 
I follow @InnovateCardiff and @CreativeCardiff, two amazing networks that are creating cross-disciplinary projects including turning the classic novel Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde into an immersive media experience using bio-data and technological wizardry. I mean, I have no idea what they did but it’s totally awesome. The project team presented Jekyll 2.0 – live-tweets from the presentation used the hashtag #ClassicInnovation. 

And I thought: 

What if…..? 

And then I got carried away and this happened:

People started tweeting back to me and so this went on for a while, until…

Yeah, Gregorian Chant Hero. That could be a real thing. 
Anyway, something is going to be a real thing: because the mighty Dave Wyatt has mighty Twitter followers, one of whom saw my Tweets (the ones Dave RT’d) and dropped me an email. It turns out that there is a community youth work project with some cracking hardware, who have collaborated on projects before with the Sherman theatre among others. It looks like a #MedievalGame could be in the works, or two projects; one for Year 7, and one for the A-Level/Welsh Bacc level.

Twitter also put me in touch with the REACT Hub, and a number of other contacts were advised, and I’m looking into funding options, particularly the GW4 Alliance Initiator Fund, for which I need collaborators in the other Great Western 4 Universities. Not only that, but it turns out that a number of Cardiff colleagues are really into this idea. Our first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.

Watch out, London Innovators. Wales and the South West are coming for you. 😉

But, seriously – everyone can steal this idea and run miles with it. What about an immersive media experience of The Knight’s Tale as a playable RPG scenario that includes educational content supporting not only the English Lit syllabus  but also Crusades at A-Level? And who among the musicologists is going to step up and create Gregorian Chant Hero and deconstruct medieval music in an interactive, physical, kinaesthetic way?  
I don’t know. I’m just brainstorming. I’m happy figuring out this project for now, transmitting my research into a kickass impact activity. So exciting!! Can’t wait to see what else happens in this brave new wonderful world. I hope it involves meeting Bishop Thomas Cantilupe or something. 
P.S. – not serious about the postdocs going out of the window if I actually get one, obviously. Please, someone, give me a postdoc. I will do impact responsibly…