With all the career building stuff and so on, this blog got bumped down the priorities list somewhat in the New Year, and December was all about winding down and doing the bare minimum. Gradually winding back up now with admin tasks and project roles, with writing due to recommence in February.

Re: writing goals, they look like this:

I have feedback now for the Archenfield article so I’m going to edit that and resubmit; I also have the monograph being recommended for publication to the UWP board who meet in May. So that gives me two clear goals around the deadlines for my forthcoming work and my Leeds IMC paper.

Apart from that, my eclectic life-goals for 2016 are as follows:

1. Sell another 3 articles this year (Not for money. There is no money).


2. Get the book formally accepted for publication – it has been recommended for publication by the peer-reviewer, and the board next meets in May to decide its fate formally.


3. Start filling out the alphabet with places I’ve been (my partner is in on this or I think it doesn’t count: we thought we could use www.travelpod.com to blog about our adventures because it’s free with unlimited uploads, and you can turn your blog into a printed book afterwards – the idea of having an alphabetised shelf of our own wanderings greatly appeals).


4. Make my paperwork-stuffed house fit for human habitation as well as being the Promised Land for bookworms [EDIT: this goal is naught but the dream of fools and bards. It cannot be done by mortal hands]


5. Go on, or at least plan out for future attempts, a short pilgrimage.

It’s about the journey not the arriving, so you’re supposed to walk it. I’m thinking of walking to Lindisfarne from Durham… I think a boat is also permitted. (Walking to Lindisfarne from Melrose would be more challenging… And the Camino de Santiago takes about a month to walk the whole way. Considering the two-week short version, and a pilgrimage to Pontigny, which was William II Cantilupe’s pilgrimage of choice). I experienced mixed emotions and conflicting opinions when I discovered you can actually do the Camino de Santiago by coach as a rather expensive ‘pilgrim’ themed tour, chief among them being, ‘I’m not paying that’.


6. Get funds for our medieval computer game #GeraldsJourney which is being managed by myself and Konstantinos Trimmis for Year 7 medieval Welsh history – already have community partners and a Cardiff based developer interested.


7. Help my partner visit every section of the #shippingforecast map for his adventure, which I’m lucky enough to get to go on with him (at least for bits of it) – some bits of sea are tricky to get to, and we have to visit some really cool coastal places for others… For example, we can visit Portugal, a small section of Southern Spain or a very specific bit of Morocco to tick off a few of our alphabet places, and tick off/podcast from Trafalgar…



8. Memorise the Psalms- or see how many I can memorise- for pilgrimage purposes as well as for the sake of memorising the Psalms. It’s an interesting process and recitation and meditation are helpful devotional practices too. Current total = 1 (Ps 23)


9. Get back into my fitness regime and improve my strength, stamina and flexibility. Secondary goal is to lower my body fat a little and get back to 11st-11st7 bracket. Somewhere there should be fine.


10. Work on my language skills. Brush up on the ones I have and improve my vocabulary and grammar (and in the case of Turkish actually learn some): Medieval Latin, Old French, Middle Welsh, Middle English, Modern Greek (New Testament Greek is for next year!!) Modern Welsh and Turkish.




Happy 2016 wonderful people! I hope you enjoy your own adventures this year!