New Research

My 2016 goals are progressing a little. My writing is slower than I would like, but I’ve had some great feedback to work from. Now I’m looking at clearing space for writing in my schedule, which is a lot easier said than done. My second Caerau/CAER Heritage article is cooking, and I have four others in preparation, with a book chapter and a historiographical essay promised to publishers. Two more articles are ready for submission, so fingers crossed for those. News of my monograph’s fate with UWP will come after the board meeting in May.


I’m presenting my work in progress tomorrow – exciting times! That should give me a bit of a boost: it’s helpful to sort out my trajectory in PowerPoint form and present it to those unfamiliar with the topic. Also, there will be pizza.



My case study of the Honor of Totnes is coming soon – via Leeds IMC 2016. Looking forward to that!


New Roles

I am now the Network Facilitator of The Leverhulme Trust funded project, Voices of Law: Text, Language and Practice, led by Dr Jenny Benham of Cardiff University. It’s brand brand new – so new, the request for webpages to be constructed for it via Cardiff University’s hosting platform are, as of today, still in the queue waiting their turn. The link above takes you through to our twitter account though, which I manage weekly and which other network members will be tweeting from too.

There’s also an exciting new teaching role for me to get my teeth into: the Live Local Learn Local suite of three courses that take place from now until the end of June. I’m designing these myself largely, and liaising with the National Museum of Wales, St Fagan’s National History Museum and Glamorgan Archives. All very exciting! The first one is “Family Treasures”, and links up with the Treasures exhibition currently on in the National Museum from now until October.


New Projects

#GeraldsJourney is my main project – I’m bringing the Welsh Bacc history resources website into beta mode now, with its pilot phase April-June.

Want to know more about the Welsh Bacc project? Click here: to see the website wot I made. There’s more information and how the project progressed in the Welsh Bacc section of this site, and I blogged about my Adventures as a Project Lead here and here.

I’m going to adding a page to this site explaining more about #GeraldsJourney and showcasing our partners and academic collaborators. Stay tuned!


Happy February everybody – wishing you all a very Merry March.