On Monday 21st March I take over the  @WetheHumanities Twitter account!
Not sure where exactly the discussion will  take us. I was thinking that Monday would be an introduction day, and tweets would end up focusing on portfolio careers and how apparently irrelevant jobs and roles can be useful and inform other areas of your work and help to enhance and expand your CV. Discuss.
I think Tuesday I’ll tweet about my research – where it is going, what it is,   how it has developed, and how it has been influenced by other things. I will also share my use of Twitter as an accountability tool, and ask about blogs and ways of disseminating research on social media. This will feed into the public engagement emphasis of Wednesday!
Wednesday will be a public engagement day, I suspect. I would also like to turn this into a way to discuss pedagogy in an educational engagement situation, and gamification in the classroom as well as co-production of research with community groups. 
Thursday will be a day where I will be thinking about projects and bugging up as many as I can. It will feature bishops and law, I imagine, and build on Wednesday by considering how projects can engage networks of researchers and interact with academics as well as wider audiences in a variety of ways. I know other curators have talked about these things before but some projects really do deserve to be plugged as many times as possible.
Friday is Good Friday, and that for me means going to the Good Friday service and taking some contemplative time out. I will be tweeting though: I will probably concentrate on rest strategies, and exploring medieval contemplative practices. My new idea for some acadowntime is to try and replicate the labyrinth at Chartres on drop cloths sewn together, using tailor’s chalk and fabric paint, and think about medieval pilgrimage in general. I might ask if anyone has a ‘pilgrimage’ they would like to undertake; secular counts, of course, and how people define pilgrimage. I will also posit the idea of PhD as Pilgrimage – you can even pilgrimage within your research, I would argue: the journey from blank first page to thesis can be an intellectual pilgrimage of sorts, where ideas are thoroughly considered and the journey does, like a true pilgrimage, teach you a great deal about yourself as well as the higher cause (in this case the completed thesis as physical object as much as culmination of research and journey). 
This may continue for a while. Easter Saturday I might think about a previous blog post I did here, thinking about strategies for coping with the ‘dead time’ between submission and hearing back, and strategies for dealing with rejection etc. Easter Sunday I shall aim to be positive and tweet lots of affirming things: that could be a good opportunity to tweet about people who deserve thanks and recognition, and whatever affirming, fun, humorous things there are on the interwebs which help people smile!