Everyone loves a good pilgrim burial, right? Here’s more 14thC thrills for you!

Pilgrimage In Medieval Ireland

In 1987 during excavations of the base of the south tower at Worcester Cathedral, a very unusual burial was uncovered.  According to the excavator

to our surprise, the first indication of a body was the appearance of two leather toe-caps poking up through the soil. We continued to excavate with great
care and finally revealed the body of a fully clothed person wearing woollen garments and knee-length leather boots.. . . Beside the body lay a long wooden staff, with a double-pronged iron tip… (Lubin 1990, 5).

image of pilgrim Fresco of a later medieval pilgrim (taken from http://finca-al-manzil.blogspot.ie/2009/01/va-de-la-plata.html).

A 15th century date has been suggested for the burial. Unfortunately the head and neck of the skeleton had been removed with the insertion of a later burial but otherwise the rest of the body remained in good condition. The physical remains of the skeleton suggest this was a male of stocky build approximately…

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