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I’ve found so many videos and posts and stuff that I’ve found helpful, and I have a ridiculous number of bookmarks. I also have to use several different logins etc across campus in my various roles, so I thought I would archive the best things / things I use most often on my blog for people to see, and add their suggestions to!

I’m not responsible for the content, obviously.

Advice on writing academic CVs and cover letters has appeared in several places; the following are quite helpful links:

1. Academic Job Applications: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

2. Academic CVs: 10 Irritating Mistakes

3. Academic Cover Letters: 10 Top Tips 

4. Cover letters to academic publishers – so, you’ve completed your article/manuscript/review…


Applying for a job? You might want to check out the Royal Historical Society’s Academic Bootcamp: http://royalhistsoc.org/academic-job-boot-camp-early-career-historians/

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Webinar via GW4 Alliance – Getting Your First Lecturing Job :

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Blogs and Sites

[Compiling list – feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!]


The Public Medievalist is doing an amazing job with its series on Race and Racism in the Middle Ages, making it relevant to current events.

Dr Fiona Whelan has a great blog on life beyond the doctorate: http://beyondthedoctorate.blogspot.co.uk/ – Follow @FionaEWhelan on Twitter.

Prof. Karen L. Kelsey has a blog on jumping through academic hoops, a selection of How Tos, including How To Write a Cover Letter for Article Submission, How To Write CVs, and other writing and post-ac help, and massive dollops of honesty: http://theprofessorisin.com/ – Follow @Professorisin on Twitter.

Magistra et Mater is a feminist, medieval historian and blogger: http://magistraetmater.blog.co.uk/ – Follow @magistraetmater on Twitter.


Conditionally Accepted is a space for scholars on the margins of academia: http://conditionallyaccepted.com/ – Follow @ConditionalAccept on Twitter. They curate the hashtag #ThankAPublicScholar.

Medieval Matters is a great new blog on medieval thoughts for modern life: http://medievalmattersblog.com/ – Follow @Med_Matters on Twitter.

Piirus is a networking site where you can make cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary connections nationally and internationally: https://www.piirus.com/ – Follow @Piirus_Com on Twitter. It differs from academia.edu in that it is specifically for networking rather than showcasing work.


Incidentally, if you are following an academic path or just want free access to papers, get yourself an academia.edu profile, and get uploading/bookmarking!

EDIT: There’s a lot of discussion around academia.edu’s business model and the ethics of open access at the moment (2016/17). You may wish to take this into consideration!


Quadrivium Network is a Medieval and Early Modern Textual Studies network that holds symposia, colloquial and conferences: http://quadriviumnetwork.com/ – Follow @Quadrivium_UK on Twitter. Tweets by @Codicologist.

We The Humanities is an online project spreading the diversity and general awesomeness of the full spectrum of the Humanities. You can get involved as a Twitter account curator, a blog post author… Check it out and see! http://www.wethehumanities.org/ – Follow @WeTheHumanities on Twitter.

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Impact/Curriculum Enhancement/Professional Development

>> Enhancing The Curriculum Toolkit : Interested in enhancing the curriculum? These guys can help: http://www.etctoolkit.org.uk/ – Follow @ETCToolkit on Twitter.

>> Higher Education Academy : Want to build your teaching skills and show evidence on your CV of Professional Development? Look into Higher Education Academy seminars, workshops and conferences, and think about getting a mentor to become an Associate Fellow. Being an Associate Fellow is a nationally recognised teaching qualification equivalent for the HE sector: www.heacademy.ac.uk – Follow @HEAcademy on Twitter.

>> National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement : Are you interested in widening access and public engagement? Check out the NCCPE: The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement. You can even become a representative for your institution. http://www.publicengagement.ac.uk/ – Follow @NCCPE on Twitter.


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