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Welsh Bacc Project

I am the Project Lead for the Welsh Bacc Curriculum Support project, undertaken at Cardiff University. The Welsh Baccalaureate will be graded A-E from the academic year 2015/16, and features a full range of skills including numeracy and literacy. The main part of the course is the Individual Investigation, where pupils have to come up with their own research question and produce a piece of coursework and an oral presentation which answers this topic. It can be in any subject, and is entirely the pupil’s choice. They have to research this themselves, and either write a 1000 word essay explaining an accompanying artefact (art project, documentary video, audio, etc) which answers their chosen research question, or produce a 5000 word essay without an artefact.

There are 40 teaching hours allocated to this, but the Welsh Bacc lessons will be delivered by one particular teacher in each school, who could be a Chemistry teacher, P.E. teacher, or Religious Education teacher etc. The Welsh Bacc project at Cardiff University aims to produce supportive resources for students and teachers across the disciplines, and my role as Project Lead for History is to develop resources specifically for pupils wanting to independently research a history or heritage topic.

The aim is to not only help them succeed in the Welsh Bacc, but to help them develop skills they will require to pursue history at degree level, should they wish to go on to Higher Education. They will learn to reference correctly, evaluate source material, use online search engines such as Google effectively, and be encouraged to use libraries, local archives and record offices, and connect their topic to current affairs.

I’ve Storified the tweets here – Take a look at the Twitter journey so far!

Here’s the first look at the website – currently under construction.

+ Introduction

+ Bilingual Challenges


+ Source Analysis

+ Research Skills

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