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Power of the Bishop II: Episcopal Personalities

‘In the Hands of God’s Servants’: Episcopal Personalities and the Power of the Bishop in Western Europe, 1000-1300

Wednesday 10th June 2015

REGISTRATION: 14:00-14:45 registration

John Percival Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff University

Room 4.45


Jack Cunningham – ‘Lest the blood of the sheep be required at my hands.’  The Theology and ecclesiastical policy of Bishop Robert Grosseteste 1235- 1253

Q&A – 15:45-16.00

Session 1 – 16:00-17:00

Nicholas Townend – ‘Culture and personality in the preaching of Frederico Visconti’

Angelo Silvestri – ‘For the Glory of God: The twelfth-thirteenth century bishops between art and politics’

Rebecca Browett – ‘Personalities and Authority in the Vitae of Reformer Saints’

Q&A – 5:00-5:15

Pub night

Thursday 11 June 2015

Session 2 – 09:00-10:00

Julia Watson – ‘Fulbert of Chartres: a new persona for a millennial bishop’

Christine Axen – ‘The Man behind the Mitre: the many personalities of Bishop Zoen of Avignon, 1241-61’

Chris Dennis – ‘The death of the Conqueror and the dark soul of man: personality and the episcopal office in the diocese of Coutances, 1087-1110’

Q&A – 10:00-10:15

Tea break 10:15-10:45

Session 3 – 10:30-11:30

Nicholas Ruffini-Ronzani – ‘Three Bishops in Search of Authority: Episcopal Personalities and Political Networks in the Diocese of Cambrai c.1100’

Charles Delgado – ‘The English Episcopal Body and its Decisions during the Reign of King Stephen’

Sam Janssens – ‘Episcopal Personalities and the Peace of God’

Q&A – 11:30-12:00

Lunch 12:00-13:30

Session 4 – 13:45-14:45

Jamie Doherty – ‘Bishop Philip of Châlons-sur-Marne: Family and Influence in Champagne’

Melissa Julian-Jones – ‘The Cantilupe Bishops as Family Men: Personality and Kinship in the Thirteenth Century’

James Richardson – ‘Bishops’ Households and Networks in Hereford and Winchester dioceses, 1282-1317’

Q&A – 14:45-15:00

Tea break  – 15:00-15:30

ROUND TABLE 15:30-16:30

Round table discussing Sources, how to construct and reconstruct personalities from interdisciplinary connections. All welcome to participate.

Conference Dinner [optional] 19:30


Friday 12 June 2015

Session 5 – 10:00-11:00

Paul Webster – ‘A Poisoned Chalice? Crown, Church, and Reputation in the careers of King John’s bishops’

Robert Whan – ‘Ealdred, Archbishop of York (1060–1069): “A Lantern Shining in a Dark Place”’

Q&A – 11:00-11:15

Tea break 11:15-11:45

Session 6 – 11:45-12:45

Yanko Hristov – ‘Orthodox Hierarch as a Defender of Legal Order and Justice: The Case of Archbishop Demetrios Chomatenos (1216-1236)’

Brian Pavlac – ‘Personality of Prelates between Church and Empire: the Example of Albero of Trier (1131-1152)’

Mike Fulton – ‘Legates as Leaders of Crusades to the Holy Land: Adhémar, Pelagius and the Rest’

Q&A 12:45-13:00

Lunch 13:00-14:00

End of Conference Round Table 14:15-15:15

Wine reception 15:15-16:00


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