I’m back!

I have been blogging over at Voices of Law’s wordpress account from 2016-2018 during my time there. My contract ended in Feb, and I am slowly getting back to my own research.

I hope to resume KEEPING UP WITH THE CANTILUPES because I do love that series of posts, and it would be a really fun idea to carry on with that since it doesn’t involve extra unpaid research for me. My thesis is open access so anyone can read the whole monstrous thing if you are so inclined, but I’ll be abbreviating the chapters here.

I am hoping to begin work on a popular history book featuring the murdered William Cantilupe, which would be a lot of fun to do. I am well aware it doesn’t count on my CV for academic jobs but most popular presses actually pay you for what you produce and offer royalties, which is a big plus for me.

I am also working on my academic book, which only cannibalises a little research from the thesis, on inter-marcher warfare. I decided the thesis is a good thesis but problematic as a book, so my first academic book will be on a different topic, and is currently c25K words down. I’m really enjoying getting back into the research again.

In other news:

I am currently attached to Cardiff University’s Centre of Continuing and Professional Education as a history tutor, working with adult learners looking to gain qualifications or access to a degree course, and loving it. I’ve just finished a six-week course in Ely, Cardiff, working with some amazing people on the history and heritage of their local area. The culmination of their hard work will be an exhibition at Cardiff Story Museum‘s main gallery, Cardiff in Context, featuring their research, and several artifacts on loan from the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, and Cardiff University.

The exhibition will hopefully run throughout October half-term 2018. While you wait, their work will be uploaded to People’s Collection Wales. Links coming soon.

I’m currently writing a fuller blog post for the CAER Heritage Project, detailing the course and the outcomes!

[The Featured Image for this post is the glass bead from the CAER dig, photo credit: Viv Thomas, and is one of the artifacts that will be featured in our exhibition!]


POWER OF THE BISHOP IN THE MIDDLE AGES is also going strong, and we welcome Evan Gatti, previously Vice-President and current President of Episcopus, to the team for PoB IV, Bishop as Patron, which will take place in 2019. Watch this space (and the powerofthebishop blog) for more.

We have received a positive Reader’s Report for the second volume recommending publication, following on the heels of our first volume Episcopal Power and Local Society, available from Brepols and Amazon.

We are currently contacting contributors re: PoB II, Episcopal Personalities, (working title), and working on the improvements recommended for the Introduction.

Essays are still coming in for Vol III, Bishop as Diplomat, some from the conference in 2017 and others commissioned.